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 Training Programme

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Clinical Psychology Training

Both online and offline options are available
Fee Rs. 5000/-

Clinical Psychology Training is an intensive training program that focuses on:

~ Rapport formation and Interviewing skills in a practical setting

~ Step-by-step procedure to conduct a counselling session, with role plays and other activities.

~Conducting, and scoring of Psychodiagnostic assessment (All the material will be provided)

~ How to plan and conduct a Cognitive Behavior Therapy session.

~ Real-life case discussion

~ All the participants will receive certificate from APA registered Psychologist. 

Career Coach Training Programme

Both online and offline options are available
Fee Rs. 5000/-

This course is registered with the Counsellor Council of India (CCI).

~ Career Coach Training Program makes an individual eligible to start their practice as a freelancer and get associated with schools and colleges. 

~ Individuals will be provided with Psychometric tests (Interest, Aptitude, Personality assessment- MBIT, DBDA, SPM, VIR, and some other tests.

~ Enough resource material and books will be provided. 

~ All the participants will receive certificates from CCI registered Psychologist. 

Training Programme: Projects
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