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Welcome to Young India Psychological Solutions!

Your own Safe, Secure, and Judgement-free paradise!

(Only for Women and Children)


Why Choose Young India Psychological Solutions?

Young India Psychological Solutions is a multidisciplinary Mental Health Organization. We focus on providing a safe, secure, and judgment-free space for the clients to keep out their pent-up emotions. 
We at YIPS provide counseling services and perform assessments and training in various fields of mental health to children, young adults, adults, and senior citizens to support their mental well-being.
We also provide training to young Individuals willing to pursue their careers in Psychology.


Young India Psychological Solutions is a dynamic mental health wellness center, offering a holistic range of psychological services like anxiety and depression counseling, OCD, child and adolescent treatment, personality disorders treatment, anger management, low self-esteem, and a lot more!

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Counselling for Depression and Anxiety

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Couples Therapy 

Pre and Post Marital counselling

Family counselling

Relationship issues

Anger Management
Stress Management
Low Self Esteem
Low Self Confidence
Behavioral Issues

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Personality Disorders

Bipolar Disorder

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Trauma disorders
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Child and Adolescent counselling

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ADHA, ADD, Learning Disability, Autism 

Psychometric and Psychodiagnostic Assessment

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Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Mindfulness Techniques

Make My Career @ YIPS

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Career Counselling

We provide career counselling to students from 9th to 12th standard. Help them choose an appropriate career path, by making them aware of their potential in context to Aptitude, Interest, and personality which are considered pillars of any career choice. We also provide Psychometric Assessments for the same. 

Training Programs and Internships

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Rs. 1000/-

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 Rs. 3000-5000/- 

(Depending on no. of tests that will be used)

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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Rs. 1500/-

What people say about us!

Client Experiences

I consulted Dr Seema for Depression and CBT sessions. After talking to her I can see myself in a better position in the future. Earlier, the future used to seemed dark and foggy. But now, all the dead hopes are alive and even more fresh. I can focus on my reality instead of what others were trying to impose on me. I have multiple personalities issues, too, but focusing and picturing in what you want from life will help you to focus on your real personality. Everything she explains and expresses through her friendly nature will help you a lot. Please do consult her if you're not in a good position at any point of life. It's definitely worth the money. 100% guaranteed.

Verified Client

She is genuinely knowledgeable, experienced, friendly, gentle, and warm-hearted and despite all this, her fee is affordable for the value she provides... constituting almost all the things one needs in an ideal counselor for long-term therapy.
I went to her to treat my recurring depression and anxiety. Not only did she provide me with effective counseling using various different methods but also encouraged self reliance techniques for long term.
Initially I had inhibitions about taking medicines; She guided me well medically too and directed me to a reliable psychiatrist when that was necessary.

Verified Client

Thank you so much for your help. If it wasn’t for you I don’t think I would’ve survived this pandemic without having a breakdown or relapsing. You’ve really helped me a lot. For the first time in my life I don’t feel extremely anxious about everything and I’ve even taken up new interests. Thank you for your help! I highly recommend her.

Verified Client

Dr. Seema helped me in identifying the underlying issues which were causing me anxiety. After every session, I used to feel relaxed and more sorted in my approach towards life in general. She helped me in facing my fears and made me feel connected with myself again. She just makes you more capable to face any obstacle in life. I would highly recommend her to someone who is feeling disconnected and under-confident about himself/herself.

Verified Client

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