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We at YIPS are interested in your success. We provide you the comfort zone where you can be yourself, express yourself. Through our holistic and integrated therapy, we offer you techniques and skills to identify and break your limiting patterns.

We help you grow to your fullest possibility!!



Took Counselling for Depression, Anxiety & Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

"I consulted Dr Seema for Depression and CBT sessions. After talking to her I can see myself in a better position in the future. Earlier, the future used to seemed dark and foggy. But now, all the dead hopes are alive and even more fresh. I can focus on my reality instead of what others were trying to impose on me. I have multiple personalities issues too, but focusing and picturing in what you want from life will help you to focus on your real personality. Everything she explains and expresses through her friendly nature will help you a lot.

Please do consult her if you're not in a good position at any point of life. It's definitely worth the money. 100% guaranteed."


"I went to Dr. Seema for anxiety disorder treatment. The CBT technique and mindfulness activities helped me to get across all my problems and find peace for which I have been waiting for so long."